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New Leaf  Construction can act as a General Contractor or Construction Manager. We perform many projects under a traditional Design / Bid / Build format, however we handle more and more projects using a Design Build technique. National studies have shown this format typically produces a better design, less cost, and significant time savings. The following description and flow diagram illustrate the New Leaf Construction Design Build Process.

Step I: Gather Information

This initial phase involves meetings with Owner representatives to determine:

The objectives of the project.
Project budget parameters.
Desired project schedule.
Identification of Owner and Design / Builder team members.

The purpose of this phase is to determine the feasibility of the Owner’s objectives in light of the budget and schedule parameters. There is no fee for Step I.

If the project is feasible, we will provide a cost proposal to include all expenses associated with the design phase process. With Owner approval, we will execute the Design Build contract and proceed to the design phase.

Step II: Preliminary Design Phase

Using the Owner objectives, budget, and schedule information, we will develop schematic design documents that will include preliminary:

Floor plans.
Site Plans.

These preliminary plans will be reviewed with the Owner representatives during the process to verify they meet the objectives of the Owner. Upon acceptance of the schematic plans, we will provide a preliminary cost estimate and schedule to verify these criteria are still within the Owner parameters. If not, modifications will be made to the plans until all objectives and parameters are met.

Step III: Final Design Phase

Once we are comfortable the design will meet all criteria, we will proceed to the final design phase. This phase involves producing a detailed set of drawings and specifications which can be used to determine the construction cost and obtain all building permits. Depending upon the complexity of the project, these drawings may include:

Full Architectural and Interior Design plans and specifications.
Full Civil Engineering and Landscaping site plans.
Structural Engineering plans.
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Lighting plans.
Acoustical and Audio Visual plans.

Step IV: Construction Costs

Once the construction documents are complete, we will bid out all subcontracting work for the project. This process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. We will provide a breakdown of all costs by division, including our fees.

Because of the cost estimating during the design phase, this final number should be within the project budget.

This cost will be a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and will not change unless the scope of the project changes. Upon approval of the Owner, we will proceed to the construction phase.

Step V: Construction

In the Design / Build process, because of the thorough attention to detail by all parties in the design phase, the actual construction is the easiest part of the process! We will be very familiar with all project objectives and in most cases have been working with the subcontractors throughout the design work. We will provide excellent on site supervision and periodically update the Owner with scheduling reports and progress meetings. Once construction is complete, we will perform an Owner orientation walk through to provide information on the operation and maintenance of the new facilities.

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